“YGP Missions”
Alberta’s Tippmann Challenge Scenario BIG game
September 2, 2018

“Missions” Tippmann challenge with guest star THE REAPER.
THE REAPER has requested to not be assigned a team
so he can play alongside all registered players throughout the day!
Sunday September 2, 2018

Register as team Alpha, Bravo or Mag Fed
August 13, 2018 to August 31, 2018 for $35.
Players who register the day before and
the day of the event pay $45


Hello everyone!! Get ready for what we anticipate to be one of the BIGGEST days of action ever to happen here at Young Guns Paintball or anywhere in this province! In the spirit of the Tippmann challenge we are going to try and get as many people out playing paintball as possible. We have free t-shirts for the first 100 players to shoot or be shot by our guest star THE REAPER! Welcome gifts for the first 50 players through the door, BIG DISCOUNTS IN STORE, $10 rental deal for the first 100 renters who preregister,  PLUS the largest prize giveaway ever! There will be a Tippmann gun tech on site helping Tippmann owners for FREE. Lets get the word out by telling your friends, posting the game info on every paintball forum in western Canada and sharing this event all over social media.  I look forward to the day’s events with all of you and hope we expose as many players to the AMAZING scenario BIG game experience as possible.

To get things started out on the right foot today you should ensure the following things are done by 11:45:

#1- Your name has been entered for the MASSIVE door prize draw (at the registration table)

#2- You have been correctly marked for your team of preference: ALPHA, BRAVO or MAG FED AND PUMP only.

#3- You have purchased the paint you feel you will require for the first part of the day.

#4- You have chronographed your marker to under 290 ft per second. 270 ft per second for First Strike. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

#5- You have received your rental gear, gun, mask and coveralls.(Equipment renters) If you do not preregister for the Tippmann challenge rental deal a least 2 days in advance the cost to play is $25 for the rental, $45 for the entry into the event, plus paint. Paint will be sold to all participants for $30 per bag of 500 or $89.99 for a case of 2000 YGP printed paintballs.

#6- You have locked all valuables away in your vehicle

Things to know:

– Before re-entering the battle after elimination each player must re-chronograph their marker just outside of the dead box

– HPA fills are included in your field fee Co2 fills will be at an additional charge based on size.

– Briefing is at 11:45 am. All players must attend. Gates open at 9:30 am.

-We will break at 2:15 pm for 45 minutes and then switch sides.

Object of the game for ALPHA and Bravo:

To have as much FUN obtaining  as many points as possible with your fellow combatants!

#1 – Complete all 4 missions

#2 – Taking hostages


#1 – Extract – Your helicopter pilot has been shot out of the sky and has landed in rebel territory. You and the rest of your team must rescue the pilot to obtain the secret intelligence he was transporting.

#2 – Escape – Take the intelligence to the hotel to be decoded

#3 – Destroy  – Bomb enemy target as requested from headquarters

#4 – Invade – Attack and control opposing teams military training facility.

Teams will receive 5 points for every player who accomplishes these four missions.

Eliminations – Any player shot by a paintball that directly breaks on their marker, head or torso will be considered eliminated. Any player hit in the arm or leg may be healed by a medic twice per re spawn. The paint mark on the wounded limb must be covered with a bandage. We will be increasing medic density from previous games. Wounded players may not shoot their markers until medical assistance has been issued.

Taking hostages:

To take a live player hostage you must touch them with your hand or have them surrender to you. You can not take a dead man hostage. Once you have taken a hostage they must follow you to your reincarnation safety area. They will be released once the hostage taking has been documented  back to their start point for the regular elimination period. Players may not take more than 2 people hostage at a time. 2 points per hostage.

Re insertion – When players are eliminated they will report back to their staging area. Players will have to do a mandatory cronograph before re entering the field. Every time 10 players are ready for battle they will be released. The opposing team will receive 1 point for every 10 players re inserted onto the playing field. Each team may only insert back onto the playing field from their designated re insertion point.

Magazine fed players – Mag fed players will play the role of a extremist group of rebels as well as UN peace keeping forces. They will always be clearly marked so all players will always know what force they clearly belong to. It is the goal of the mag fed players to try and keep the game as close in score as possible for the ALPHA and BRAVO teams. They will function by using their independent force to help attack or defend as required to ensure their mission is adhered to.

Young Guns big games and scenarios are for all to enjoy. Leave your attitude at home and come prepared for a great BIG day of action. NO OUTSIDE PAINT, Chronographing will be enforced all day and all safety rules will be enforced with a zero tolerance policy for yours and everyone’s safety.

PIZZA is available at 1/2 time for prepay order only, 2 pieces for $5. We will have Cheeseburger or Hawaiian. See you all soon!