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Young Guns Paintball

September 2&3, 2017

The Tippmann challenge FIRE AND FURY scenario BIG game is for all ages 10 and up. This event is for people who have never played, play a little and those who play all the time. Players will be renters (rentals will be only $15 if you preregister), tournament players, scenario players, mag fed players and stock class players from all corners of Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta. Everyone will join together to play a scenario BIG game event like NO OTHER! Tippmann will be offering FREE tech services on all tippmann products, FREE test drives of all their markers, limited addition T- shirts and additional prizing on top of Young Guns Paintballs’s THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN PRIZES. The pro shop will be fully stocked with all the LATEST AND GREATEST at the LOWEST ONLINE PRICES plus a massive current inventory SALE. We will be allowing TANKS, SHIELDS ( 24″ x 36″ ) and FIRST STRIKES. We will be using our ENTIRE facility including our tournament field as the playing map for this event. Paint will be available starting at $84.99 for cases of 2000 paintballs.

We have blocked off rooms at the Ramada inn and suites 7809630222 and the Best Western Stony Plain 7809681716. Mention you are part of the Tippmann Challenge at Young Guns and receive 10% off.

Day 1 September 2, 2017
10:30 am – Store opens: Any players registered for the Sunday event may play at no charge Saturday with the purchase of a case of paint or 250 count of First Strikes. Players will also receive an invite for our exclusive players party Saturday night!
– Teams participating and preregistered in our 3 Man beginner and open class speed ball tournament begin to arrive and set up
3 man tournament details
11:30am – Organized group play begins for all walk on players, players participating in our FREE play and all other players choosing this option

                   – Captains meeting for all players preregistered for our 3 man tournament


4:00pm  ish- Tournament ends

5:00 pm – Last chance to purchase your case of paint or First strikes for an exclusive evening event and players party (Closed to the general public)

6:00pm – Young Guns closes to the general public. Our evening events and players party begins! Pizza can be ordered

6:30pm – SNIPER sharp shooting event begins and any player in attendance may participate. Players will use First Strike, round ball and any marker of their choice to compete for a limited addition Tippmann challenge t shirt. Players will have 2 minutes and  up to 3 shots  at  each target placed at a distance of 50′ 75′ 100′ 150′ 200′ and 300′. Competitors will earn 1 point for every target hit successfully in 3 rounds.

7:30pm – 1 vs 1 on the speed ball field begins. Any person in attendance may participate. Players will compete 1 vs 1 in several classes depending on who is in attendance. Example: Pistols, mag fed, pump, semi and full auto. The winner of each division will receive a limited addition t-shirt.

9:00pm – All paintball markers must be stored and put to bed for the night. We will light campfires reflect on the days events and begin to strategize for the Tippmann Challenge Scenario BIG game “FIRE and FURY!”

10:00pm – Gates close for the day.

Sunday September 2, 2017
9:30 am – Gates open, store opens and players may start to set up

11:45 – General meeting begins. ALL players MUST attend.

12:15 – Game begins

The story:
Tension is escalating around the world. The threat of war has been looming for some time. As a precaution team HONOUR and PRIDE will begin a training scenario at 1200 hours September 3, 2017 to ensure all possible scenarios can be met.

1215 1st half  escalation:

Primary objective – Transport, set up and arm Missile defense system

Secondary objective – Secure energy and the ability to process it into usable forms

Water objective – Transport water to the purification and storage plant

Food objective – Find food sources and secure the supply lines to the troops

1500 2nd half Isolation:

Primary objective – Disarm enemy missile system

Secondary objective – Move as much energy and processed fuels to your bunker ASAP

Water objective – Transport your purified water to the bunker ASAP

Food objective – Grab as much remaining food as you can for transport to the bunker

You have your mission objectives now please be ready for your briefing at 1145 hours.