Our newest project already under way is one of our biggest yet! The final design of this 200 x 600 ft urban area is still being toyed with by myself and are many loyal players. If you would like to be part of the input design process please attend our scenario clubs to provide your welcomed ideas for this world class addition to our facility to be constructed in 2018.

The motel was finished in mid September 2013 and designed so our players could feel the rush of a military sniper trying to enter a motel or apartment building. This course is complete with sliding windows, fridges, stoves, washers, dryers and a two lane traffic congestion in between a 5 room motel and a two story apartment building. This new course is a must play for our rental groups and a game changing addition to our massive full facility scenario BIG games!

The Wild Wild West was named and completed in June of 2013. The course provides small to mid sized groups the opportunity to play a fast paced game of paintball action in a western style urban area complete with 10 buildings with windows and doors along with 3 flipped over wagons. This course is now located inside Fort Destiny.

All aboard! Jump onto the Young Guns Express for a train robbery simulation set in the middle of the prairies. Battle your way onto this 8 car train stretching over 200′. Complete with 1 engine car, 2 passenger cars, 2 cargo cars 1 freight car and a caboose. Train robbers have tied a poor helpless grandmother onto the tracks to bring the Young Guns Express to a screeching halt leaving the passengers vulnerable to the armed robbers hiding in the trees. Play the roll of a robber or train marshal for some paintball action you will never forget! The Young Guns express is spectator friendly from the BBQ area.

Fort Destiny named after one of the owners of Young Guns Paintball is a MASSIVE fort with two levels of dark hallways, doors, stairs, bridges and 16 foot high walls. Force your way into this fort from the jungle side, water & wagon side or boarder town side. If you’re only a small group play inside the walls of this MASSIVE fort! Fort Destiny has proven to be one of the most difficult playing fields to invade during are scenario BIG games we hold 6 times per year with hundreds of players using our entire facility as one playing area. If you have not yet played in one of these events it is a MUST DO so sign up as we always have one of these events coming up just around the corner.

Mayday mayday we are going down! Your critical mission to capture a violent warlord who is starving hundreds of thousands of Somalis has gone terribly wrong. You are a elite group of Rangers and Delta Force soldiers who found themselves outnumbered fighting to survive. Keep your wits about you, help is on its way. Good luck!

Main Street is a crowd favorite. Main Street is Young Guns’ urban warfare scenerio, complete with multiple buildings with elevated sniper positions and abandoned vehicles. The successful team must be able to battle door-to-door across the buildings while controling the center street as well. This course is a MUST DO!

No mans land is designed as a devastated war torn area and is one of two fields here at Young Guns that you can not see the other team when you start. Located directly beside the middle safe area, positioned over a small hill this area is fantastic for spectators and show offs alike. This course consists of small trenches, craters, pill boxes, uprooted tree roots, cars and trucks. Run fast and take as much ground off the start as you can! New items are always being added.

Snakes and Ladders is a classic course and staple of many of our scenario games. Teams start separated by interconnected rows of trenches, with a few bunkers placed throughout. Slink through the trenches or rush ‘over the top,’ but be careful- you never know where somebody may surprise you.

Our X ball field was just rebuilt in 2013. New start boxes and a brand new sup air field were added! We have the ability to change the field layout to suit the needs of any team or group. Team bookings are available.The New X ball field is located steps away from our lower parking lot for your convenience.

Always changing, border Town is a different course every time. Teams start on either side of a small valley with a small lake complete with a land bridge behind a scattered assortment of barrels, tires, trees, cars, buildings and other bunkers. Keep your head down and your eyes open!

Desert Storm is one of the largest courses at our facility. Each team starts from a central ‘sand dune’ at their respective ends, separated by 7 dunes per side, 3 bridges, and a large trench. At the sound of GO break out fast and try and cross one of the bridges to flank your enemy from behind. This course is spectator friendly from the bottom parking lot.

A perfect course for both beginner players and seasoned paint ballers, the Ghetto is built from four symmetrical rows of one-room buildings. The winning team must be able to battle from door-to-door through the entire field to survive.

Vimy Ridge is a recreation of the famous battle from the First World War. Choose to fight either as the Canadian Corps, fighting from the bottom to take the high ground, or as the well-positioned German Sixth Army- stranded at the top of a hill with nowhere to run. This course provides a huge adrenaline rush as the paint screams just inches above your head as you defend or attack!

A cross between urban warfare and bushball, Ghost Town is one of the most played courses at our facility. The abandoned cityscape is littered with trees and bush, leaving plenty of places to hide.

Tucked away at the top safety area, Junkyard Speedball is a very unique course. Built from pipes, fences, bales, crates and tubes, it is a course built for the fast and quiet. Give it a try!

Like the Jungle? Like Vimy Ridge? Then you’ll like Hidden Valley. A game of bushball battling over small hills and through the main valley the Hidden Valley is one of the hidden gems of Young Guns, tucked away at the top safety area. Our Black hawk is situated in the corner of this course. Use the Hidden Valley to play many styles of games with or without the Black Hawk as the focus!

The Graveyard is a unique concept course. On the signal ‘go’, both teams rise from their graves to duel across the Graveyard. Its a howl.

The Jungle is one of the largest courses of its kind, featuring roughly 3 acres of solid bush. It’s perfect for large groups and woodsball enthusiasts. Be sure to bring your camo! Game of capture the flag anyone?

The target area has life size silo wets and small swing targets set up at distances between 20 and 50 feet in range to test your accuracy. During business hours we have chronographs set out to allow equipment owners to set their marker velocity down bellow 290 feet per second (Our field maximum limit!) & rate of fire. The target area is a mask ON area. Only registered players with ygp printed field paint may enter and use this area. We have one 3000 and one 4500 psi fill station located at this area for your convenience. Enjoy! You can never have to much practice.