Frequently Asked Questions

The reason we include a free mask with all of our vision flex packages is two fold:
1) Quality – We pride ourselves on delivering the BEST paintball experience available. With over 24 years in business we know the only way to provide perfect vision (NO SCRATCHES, FOG OR RESIDUE) is by providing a new mask!
2) Sanitary purposes – If you have played ANYWHERE else you have SEEN and SMELT the cleanliness of their establishments. Do you really want to put a mask on your, a friends child’s, employees or colleague’s face that has been “sanitized” to that level.
We do offer players that return with their mask from a previous adventure a $5 discount. We also offer $5 off for using a previously worn ONCE mask that has been sanitized to Alberta Health code.  We don’t show you our dirty, scratched, foggy goggles and then try to sell you new clean ones for $25 additional dollars.

We do not require you to buy coupons off of pushy, aggressive sales counters spread across the city. We do not bate and switch. We do not make false claims and show you pictures of the 10 best playing fields our foreign owned parent company has taken on the day they were built. Fields  that you will not be playing on here in Edmonton.

Paintball at Young Guns will cost you between $34.99 and $89.99 depending on how long you play and how much you shoot. Extra paintballs will never cost more than $10 per hundred, $40 for 500 or $120 for 2000. We do have deals some weekends and weekdays that are posted in advance on our website, Facebook, Twitter and YGP app. If we start a sale and you have already booked we will always give you the lower price!

Absolutely not! For all groups under 30 players we take a credit card number over the phone to secure your reservation.  You have up until 48 hours prior to your reservation to cancel for any reason once so ever. We do this so you can check the weather and have a very good idea of what the playing conditions will be on the day of your event. If the weather pulls a typical Alberta 180 after your 48 hour cancellation period and ends up being poring rain and lighting, then and only then would we bill your credit card $10 for every player you booked for and allow you to reschedule for an alternative date. This money will be credited back to you on your alternate date.

For all groups of less than 30 players on a private guided adventure package we do not charge you anything for players that do not show up. As long as 2 or more players show up the day of the reservation, no deposit will is taken. We know some of your friends may be flakes (everyone has them) so we don’t hold you responsible for it!

Never! At YGP you and your group of 2 – 500 players can play exclusive with the assistance of our field marshal.

Dialing  7809634006 and talking to one of our reservation professionals  9:30am to 7:30pm or booking 24/7 online by clicking here. We will work to get you the day and time you are interested in and answer any questions you may have.

This all depends on the type of player you are and the situations you get yourself into. On average players who play 2 to 3 hrs use 300-500 paintballs. Participants who know they have a heavy trigger can upgrade to our BIG shooters package which includes 1000 paintballs.

YES! I know right? The better question should be: Why is Young Guns the only place that allows you to bring your paint back? The answer is simply this. We buy so much paint  that the best paintball manufacture in the world (GI Sports) located here in Canada custom makes our paintballs with a exclusive fill and branding. Therefore any paintball purchased at Young Guns with YGP stamped directly on the ball may be brought back and used as long as it has not been altered or modified. This never happens. Something else you may not know. Our paintballs are delivered every few weeks in a temperature controlled reefer fresh from the factory while all the others order there paintballs from overseas. They are not fresh (poor quality) and they sit out in the elements on a ship for weeks and even months before they reach port. Then they get shipped by the lowest bidder with no temperature control, a pallet or two at a time to these “other places”. Just thought you should know.

10 years old for our Party adventure, Corporate adventure, Premium Adventure or BIG shooters Adventure packages and 7 years old for our Splatmaster adventures.. It is recommended one or more adults play if anyone in the group is under 14 years of age. This is a recommendation only, NOT MANDATORY.

The waiver form is a standard document that must be signed by a parent or guardian if the participant is under 18. If the participant is over 18 they sign the waiver for themselves. We have them available in printable format on the home page or at our facility for your convenience. We recommend letting parents of your birthday guest know they need to send one with their child.

O YA! How can you even call yourself a paintball facility unless you have all the items every paintball enthusiast needs. Our store has grown to become one of if not the best paintball store locations in Alberta.  Our onsite store has thousands of items marked at the lowest online price. If for some reason you manage to find a item over $100 at a lower price on a Canadian website in Canadian dollars we will do our absolute best to beat it! We have paintball markers (guns) for $100 – $3000  and everything in between. If somehow we do not have something your looking for (this year that is going to be very hard) we will order it in for you express at your cost or free with our next order. Come check it out!

We have a system so extensive and sophisticated few other facilities in the world have attempted to duplicate it. The places that have are very kick ass as well! It starts with two 14 cfm 6000 psi electric breathing air compressors and one back up 5000 psi gas fired breathing air compressor (Breathing air so in cold temperatures the moisture is filtered out and your marker does not freeze up) they are linked to 6 x 6000psi cylinders and 6 x 6000 back up cylinders, the air is then diverted to a 4500 pound flow restricting regulator (flow restricting so your tank does not flash fill, heat up and weaken over time) the air is then transported by over 1 km of underground line to 17 NUV AIR easy to use fill locations throughout our facility. At each fill panel our staff and clients can true fill their tanks to 4500 or 3000 psi in 10 seconds or less. What does this mean. You should never ever run out of the air that powers your marker. HPA is included at NO CHARGE for all players with a valid day pass or season pass. 1 Co2 fill is included with a day pass at NO CHARGE. All other co2 fills range in price based on volume.

Of course you can. You did not think we were going to stop at all the other great things we do to make paintballing so FUN, EASY and ACCESSIBLE did you? You can walk on during regular business hours as a individual with or without your own equipment. Grab a friend and come play paintball with us!

Our hours of operation change with each season. For our most accurate business hour information please see our home page or google. All other sources should not be trusted.

If you make a reservation for 2 or more players your group only plays with the people they came with. If your children are season pass holders or are dropped off for organized group play they will enjoy our facility with other participants the same ability. (Beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced) In many cases some of our youngest players are the biggest threats!

One or two times per year we have outside paint days. These days are promoted on our website, Facebook, Twitter and YGP APP. Outside paint days are for equipment owners only. All other days are YGP.CA field paint only.

100%. At Young Guns we encourage you to come out and have a fantastic day of paintball and stay for a BBQ in the beautiful country. We provide high end Weber BBQs free of charge to all of our participants. If you book ahead for 2 or more players we will ensure you have your own private fire pit and BBQ if requested. If you decide last minute or you are a day pass holder we offer a common area fire pit and BBQ. (No reservation required) We sell snacks, prepackage sandwiches and a wide variety of beverages if you prefer or just find yourself with the munchies. Yes you can bring your own beverages unlike some “other places’. We also have food delivery from PIZZA 73 or because of our close proximity to Stony Plain you can pick up almost anything from one of the major food franchises / local secrets.

We have sheltered areas, patio heaters,  fires, A/C, fans and misters to help keep our customers comfortable throughout their paintball adventure however we still recommend dressing in layers with the weather in mind. We also recommend a baseball cap, thin gloves and sturdy footwear.

If you are planning an event that you would like to enjoy some adult beverages we can arrange a private area for you. You will be required to purchase ahead of time a liquor permit and insurance for the event. On the insurance YOUNG GUNS INC must be listed as an additional insured. Consumption of alcohol may only take place after the paintball event. YOU CAN NOT PLAY UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL.

Sure do! Welcome aboard. We currently allow airsoft during our regular operating hours. The current introductory price is $35 and our regular rate will be $40. Airsoft entry will be discounted by 40% on Thursday discount nights.