If you’re looking for a great outing, come out and experience the ultimate in fun at Young Guns Paintball. Don’t settle for just any paintball experience when you can have the best guided instructional tour, a huge variety of fields, unbeatable customer service, BBQ areas for after the game, and a facility with the ability to handle large groups for special functions.

  • Professional staff
  • 18 playing fields that offer fantastic action and adventure, complete with multiple asymmetrical tournament -speed ball fields, urban scenarios, famous battle scenarios, X-ball and war game aspect areas.
  • Excellent safety record. No accidents or injuries caused by players, equipment, or structural failures in 23 years.
  • Expanding league play with scheduled play days.
  • Bar-B-Que facilities and Concession, fire pit, picnic area with rain out facilities.
  • Non perishable food and beverage concession.
  • Monthly specials in support of local non profit organizations and charities.
  • Special Events including tournaments, clubs and scenario games.
  • Safety goggles must be worn at all times.
  • No shooting at the neck or head. Do not shoot the wildlife.
  • No blind shooting.
  • No shooting in or out of registration, neutral zones or parking area. Barrel plugs are required in these areas.
  • No climbing of trees, structures, or vehicles.
  • No physical contact. No unauthorized equipment. Avoid field hazards.
  • No booby traps.
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed. Smoking is allowed only in registration.
  • No verbal abuse.
  • Mercy kill within 20 feet.
  • Speed limit 290 feet per second. Judges decisions are final.
  • Ball has to break.
  • If you call yourself out, you’re out. Dead men don’t speak.
  • Use the terms “HIT” or “DEAD”.
  • No outside paint. Equipment owners must register all paint in the pro shop
  • Do not pick paint off the ground.
  • Be honest.
  • Have Fun!
  • Definition of a safe area: Safe areas are places our players all report to inbetween games. Safe areas are areas strategically placed at our facility by design to allow only short walks out to the playing fields in that area to allow for more playing and less walking. Safe areas are the ONLY place you can have your mask OFF out in the playing area. Before entering a safe area all players MUST have their safeties on with a barrel plug or barrel condom on their marker. Every safe area offers a covered shelter area from the sun or the rain. Safe areas also offer picnic tables, 3000 psi fill stations, 4500 psi fill fill stations, patio heaters, fire pits, wood, barrel washing stations, disposable lens wipes, anti fog cleaner, garbage cans and cardboard recycling containers. Safe areas have 20 foot high mesh for your safety and spectating enjoyment! Players with hosts on our Vision Flex or Vision Flex elite Package have the additional services of extra paint and beverages purchases being placed on a tab for them to pay at the end of their adventure.

    We have five exclusive BBQ areas here at our facility for your outdoor adventure needs. In 2015 all of our BBQ s were updated to brand new Weber Genesis E – 330s for your grilling needs (Dreams). The BBQ area is accessible by vehicle. Each spot can accommodate room for approximately 2 vehicles to park. The road to the BBQ area is combined pedestrian and vehicle traffic so please drive with caution. Each area is set up with 5 to 10 picnic tables, 1 Weber Genesis e – 330 with side burner, 1 fire pit with swivel grill spark cover, garbage containers and recycle bins. A 12 x 60 foot covered area is located adjacent to 3 of the 5 areas for shelter from the elements. The BBQ area is first come 1st serve with reservations required for the use. If your group has special requirements we will do everything we can with advanced notice. Groups are only guaranteed access to their BBQ area for 3 hours before or 3 hours after they play depending on their requirement and the time of their reservation. All additional time is free of charge but based on availability. This is a very popular part of peoples overall experience here so it can get booked up well in advance not allowing more than your 3 hours. All groups must pay for the paintball adventure before enjoying their meals. All BBQ areas must be left tidy and vacated no later than 15 min after closing. Plan your event NOW!

    When you arrive you will find our huge all weather parking lot with parking for over 300 cars. We also have BUS, LIMO and MOTORCYCLE parking for anyone with these requirements. Young Guns Paintball should be your 1st and only choice whether your group is 5 or 500. We have been providing awesome paintball adventures for over 23 years. Forget the rest play the best! Travel with caution in the parking area due to high volumes of pedestrians.