Airsoft hours for Edmonton & area players:

Thursdays 12pm – 9pm
(40% off regular $40 entry 4pm-9pm*)
Fridays 12pm – 9pm  
Saturdays 11am – 6pm
Sundays 11am – 6pm

Pricing for Airsoft:
$40 entry BYOBBs
Biodegradable only
Introductory offer save $5
Entry is only $35
Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays
for a limited time!
Only $24 on 40% off  Thursdays 

SRC bb pricing:
.2 G – $11.99/2000
.25 G – $14.99/2000

Young Guns Inc. is working hard
to provide a new venue for Edmonton Airsoft
players. This location is for airsoft players in
Alberta, British Columbia and
Saskatchewan. Come give Canada’s
newest Airsoft  field a try. 

You will NOT be disappointed!

2018 Full field Airsoft only scenario days

Monday July 2, 2018
Airsoft only day.
Game details to be released shortly!
Thank you for all the player input.

Monday August 6, 2018
Game details TBA
Bring me your ideas!

Monday September 3, 2018
Game details TBA
Bring me your ideas!

Young Guns Airsoft Mandatory Field Rules in Development

Safety is our primary concern for Airsoft players at YGP

Barrel cover:
* It must stay on your weapon at all times in the staging and safe areas.
*Before you exit a playing map and enter a staging area make sure it is on the end of your weapon.

* Your mask must stay on at all times on the playing maps
* For no reason should you lift your mask outside of a safe/staging area
* Full sealed ANSI rated googles required
* Full mouth, face and ear protection (like iron mesh lower face masks) recommended
* We recommend players under 18 wear a full unmodified paintball mask

All personal airsoft weapons must be chronographed as follows:

* Automatic rifles under 400 fps with .20 gram BBs
*Single shot or bolt action sniper rifles 400 fps- under 550 fps with .20 gram BBs minimum engagement distance 100 feet.
*Pistols under 400 fps with .20 gram BBs 

Handling of weapons:
*All weapons must be magazine free and discharged in staging areas

* Magazines must be removed from your weapon before entering a staging area
* Side arms are not required to be mag free but MUST be holstered
* All weapons must be transported in a legal manor , weapons must be stored in original packaging or a hard or soft shell case until you enter the staging area.

Shoot safely
*Players may only discharge thier weapons at the target range or on the playing maps.
* NO SHOOTING into or toward staging area or in parking area
*NO BLIND FIRING. You are responsible for where your weapon shoots. Always be mindful.
*Do not climb trees structures or vehicles
* Treat all players and team members with respect
* In the case of an EMERGENCY please call out CEASE FIRE. All players must stop shooting.
* Any player in violation of any safety rules will be asked to leave with no refund

* Elimination – A player is eliminated from play if a BB strikes any part of his or her body, from the top of the head to the tips of the fingers to the bottom of the feet, including any equipment worn. Gun hits do not count.
* Airsoft is a game of honor and sportsmanship. ALL players must strive to exemplify fair play and call their hits, regardless of the circumstance. In situations where a player is unsure, they should give their opponent the benefit of the doubt and simply call themselves out. Please call your hits!
* No Alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed
* The minimum age to play Airsoft at Young Guns is 10 years and up.
* Young Guns is a family friendly facility, please be mindful of your language.